My name is Andrew Uhlenhopp (pronounced "yoo'-len-hop") and I am a private counselor. As a Facilitator of Emotional Chemistry, I assist clients in freeing themselves from all that weighs them down, and in helping them to find ways to shine in every day of life.

While I specialize in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction and treatment of depression, as well as in relationship counseling, my practice of Emotional Chemistry fully addresses a variety of issues, depending on the client's needs. I have facilitated healing in: people seeking their purpose in life; spiritual searchers; blocked creatives (visual artists, actors, musicians, writers); and many other people who are not so easily categorized.

One aspect setting my method apart from most conventional therapy is that this is not a space wherein a vast majority of the "conversation" is one way, client to counselor. I have extensive experience with many of life's more challenging struggles, and I honor the client by sharing the wisdom I have gained from those experiences, when appropriate and helpful. There is never any judgement.

My qualifications are broad and comprehensive; this is a brief summary of them:

A degree in philosophy from Knox College

Sustained and solid success in my own recovery from drug & alcohol addiction

Sustained and solid success in my own recovery from severe depression

20 successful years of helping men & women heal their alcohol and/or drug dependency

15 successful years of treating men & women with depression

3 years of Transformational Coaching Experience with Miranda & Jana Saunders

Over 20 years of intensive and fruitful CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)

Numerous classes and workshops in self actualization and spiritual development

If, before scheduling a session, you wish to connect a bit further, I invite you to give me a call so that we can chat for ten minutes and see if we'd be a good match for your healing path.

I am wishing you all the best on your life's journey, and would be honored to guide you on your path.